Project Background

Advances in technology are opening-up new learning opportunities, having an impact on the conventional concept of teaching and learning. The roles of teachers, students and universities are also being transformed worldwide.

Therefore, it is crucial that teaching methods and learning experiences in higher education are dynamic and continuously incorporate innovative approaches as well as integrate new technologies in order to be prepared for the way the students learn nowadays and for the future coming demand.

“The aim of THETA is  to prepare students and professionals for a changing profession through immersive real-life learning experiences.”

The consortium is composed of 4 institutions with a recognized experience in the educational field and in innovation of the processes of. 

The project will be coordinated by the Technological University of Dublin, which has developed various international cooperation projects related to educational innovation. On the other hand, the other European HEIs have extensive and proven track record in carrying out important actions in terms of innovation in the teaching and learning processes.

Associated Instituions